Chloe Smith
Body Mind Workers & Bowen Practitioner


Human and Equine Bowen Therapy

“I have suffered from shoulder pain for many years. Was under the physio at my local hospital too. 3 sessions with Chloe and my shoulder was nearly pain free and had more movement and flexibility.

Very professional. Explained everything she was going to do and why.

Thank you so much Chloe”

– Clare Thompson

“Prior to Chloe’s treatment of Bowen I had never experienced it before, however she has shown me what an amazing treatment it is with such strong benefits and huge improvements from it. I had strong back pain (that I didn’t realise how bad they were) which after 3 treatments she sorted out.

Chloe is professional and so friendly and really caters to your needs. I can not recommend her enough”

– Florence Warren

“I had used Bowen on a previous horse many years ago and had fantastic results, so when Chloe started on her path I was more than excited to have some treatment not only for myself but my 2 horses as well! I went from barely being able to walk due to ankle/foot pain to being almost pain free and striding out in a matter of hours after my first session! My horses have had amazing results over the last year with tension release and growing pains! Chloe is an amazing practitioner that has a natural touch for treating both human and equines, and will always be my go to practitioner for treatment from now on!”

– Rosey Bradburn