Chloe Smith
Body Mind Workers & Bowen Practitioner

Equine Bowen

Prevention is always the best protection! Bowen offers a full body re-alignment to keep your horse performing at its best.

So don’t wait until your horse suffers an injury, instead incorporate Bowen treatments into your horse’s regular care management.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on therapy which stimulates the body’s inner ability to heal itself to be activated.  This re-organisation of the musculature of the body can bring increased energy levels and pain relief.

Below are a few issues that may be helped with Bowen:

  • Releasing and realigning the muscle structure, which by releasing tension, helps the skeletal structure re-align.
  • Assisting in detoxing and boosting the immune system.
  • Releasing the body’s natural endorphins and so help provide pain relief.
  • Promoting self-healing.
  • Reducing the effects of allergies, such as bedding, dust, pollen and other related allergens.
  • Reducing stress, either physical or mental, due to the calming effect on the body’s system.
  • Helping to correct the body’s neurological and physical memory pattern due to past trauma.

Common issues that can be helped with Bowen:

Muscle Atrophy | Tight, sore painful back | Uneven or disunited gait | Changes in performance | Uneven wear of shoes | Unlevelness | Tightness in the quarter or shoulder | Refusing to jump | Bucking and rearing | Stiffness on one rein | Change in temperament or nappiness

For more information about Bowen and the science behind it, visit our What is Bowen ?

The first treatment and consultation will take about ninety minutes.

Initially, a course of three sessions is recommended, after which ‘top-up’ treatments every one to three months will help to keep the body in balance with itself.