Chloe Smith
Body Mind Workers & Bowen Practitioner

About Chloe


I am passionate about helping others to achieve what they want in life, and my hope and dream is to provide anyone who wishes to have that the opportunity to learn how.

In the Beginning ….

After leaving school in 2014 and not attending university unlike many people my age, I decided to train as a Human and Equine Bowen Therapist after it had provided me with success in competitive dressage and a relief from chronic pain in my knee as a teenager.

I have an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, which has deepened my understanding of the human body and made me appreciate just how amazing the body really is.

One question I found I began to ask myself when a came across certain clients was – “Why is it that some clients remain with their problem even after every avenue for help and relief has been explored?”

That was when I discovered Body Mind Workers.

Body Mind Work fills in the gap to an the element of ourselves that many have no understanding of. Our mind is the most powerful tool you will ever own and as a body mind workers I now have the ability to educate people In how to use this tool.  Not only has it enabled me to help my clients, on a personal level, is has also sorted my chronic pain, anxiety and dyslexia.


I have previously competed to Advanced Medium in Dressage and worked on a livery yard during the 2 years I was training in Bowen. I now own my own yard at home providing Holiday and Rehab Livery and Arena Hire.

I have previously had 2 horses of my own suffer from injuries sustained from lack of strength and poor training due to my own lack of understanding for the purpose of work in a horses life. I since then have found a passion in the classical way of training horses. Following great horseman such as Brent Brandrup and Phillippe Karl, I am constantly discovering new ways of helping owners and riders to get the best out of their horses using correct training methods and a gentle touch.